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300 Series
516 Vial Sealer
522 water bath
600 Series
620 Series
624 Series
700 Series
720 Series
795  Cell Culture Roller
800 Series
900 Series


300 series Blackbody 

For the standard temperature calibration of the photoelectric related equipments/systems, the temperature range are from negative 30 degree Celsius to 1000 degree Celsius.

516 Cryogenic Vial Auto Sealer 
Simple operation Whole system is microprocessor controlled. Simply encircling the heat-shrink plastic over the cryogenic vial, place the vial in holder adapter, all the sealing procedures are done automatically by one-touch only.
522 water bath
Designed to thoroughly soften embedded tissue specimens without  creating wrinkles, folds or distortions
600 series Incubator Growth Chamber 
General laboratory, electrophoresis tank, vacuum concentrator, fermentation tank,, photometer, refract meter, Evaporator
、polarimeters, chromatograph, distillation, thermostatic device, cooling, calibration.

620 series Low Temp Incubator

General Laboratory, thermostatic culture 、microorganism, BOD testing, tissue culturing, milk testing, item deposit, plant growth, study of germinating.

624 series Growth Chamber

General Laboratory, thermostatic culture, life science study, microorganism testing, BOD testing, tissue culturing, milk testing, item deposit, plant growth, study of germinating.

680 Vaccine Storage Refrigerator

Medical Vaccines / Medicine Storage Refrigerator

700 series Orbital Shaker Incubator

General Laboratory, thermostatic culture, shake, biotechnology, genetic engineering, animal, plant, microorganism culturing.

720 series Orbital Shaker

General Laboratory, shake, biotechnology, genetic engineering, animal, plant tissue and microorganism culturing.

795 Modular Cell Culture Roller Apparatus

Apply in biological and pharmaceutical test. It can be operated inside the incubator room.

800 series Water Oil Bath

General Laboratory, biotechnology, thermostatic culture, calibration.

900 series Orbital Shaker Bath

General Laboratory, biotechnology, temperature calibration.


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