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Medical equipment
Scientific Instruments


Medical equipment



 220 Series Warming Cabinet

                                 BBW6000                                 "HOTECH" Blood Plasma Thawing System




 600 Series  "Hotech" Platelet storage device (Non-Sterile)

 700 Series  "Hotech" Platelet Agitator       (Non-Sterile)




 FIW-4150  Genflow Blood/Fluid Warmer

230 Genflow Soft line Blood/Fluid Warmer



Optical imstruments



 302  Far Infrared Emissivity Analysis System




Scientific Instruments



 300 series Blackbody 

 516 Cryogenic Vial Auto Sealer 





 522 water bath

 600 series Incubator Growth Chamber 





 620 series Low Temp Incubator

 624 series Growth Chamber





 700 series Orbital Shaker Incubator

 720 series Orbital Shaker






 795 Modular Cell Culture Roller Apparatus

 800 series Water Oil Bath





 900 series Orbital Shaker Bath


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