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Blackbody Calibration Source







The Model 384 is a non-contact infrared thermometer calibrator which has the special designed concentric circles wavy surface that provides the excellent result of emissive. This model has the broad range of 50 to 400C. Moreover; it has ability to provide a steady, repeatable calibration point which allows the user to calibrate or test most infrared pyrometers quickly and accurately. The target plate has a known emissive enabling the user to calibrate virtually with any infrared pyrometer with a spot size diameter of 110 mm . All models have an optional communications interface for computer formats to choose from; external control and record temperature set temperature.       


  • Calibrates infrared pyrometers quickly and accurately.

  • Built in digital PID auto tune temperature controller with temperature readout to 0.01C.

  • Built inspection port for the ease of the customer self inspection.

  • Unique concentric circles wavy surface for good emissive

  • Specially designed heat sink, the front panel of the machine low radiation heat, providing comfortable working environment testers.



Temperature Range

 50C to 400C


Microprocessor based temperature control

Target Emissivity


Display Resolution




Reference Sensor

Platinum RTD Class A, Alpha = 0.00385

Computer Interface  

RS-485 (Optional)

Heat-up Time for Stabilization

25 min from ambient to 400C

Blackbody surface

concentric circles wavy (Plane wave)

Ambient Operating Range

20C-35C  (Air-conditioned environment)

Blackbody Target Dimensions 


Overall Dimensions

W340 x F-B 252 H 205mm (include floor mast 15mm)


115 V / 240V  50/60 Hz, 500W

Weight N.T About 9.4 Kgs












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