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Low Temperature High Uniformity Blackbody



Black body Target


Temperature controller

Pre cooling


  • The Model 360 Low-Temperature Blackbody Source is designed for applications where temperatures below the 0°C limit of standard blackbody must be generated.

  • This blackbody system can achieve temperatures as low as -40°C in an uncontrolled lab environment. For applications such as blackbody source with which radiation pyrometers, commonly referred to as IR sensors, can be calibrated. With a temperature range of -40ºC to 150ºC.

  • The temperature of the blackbody source is set and indicated on High uniformity Microprocessor based PID temperature Controller an independent indicator is also provided for higher accuracy with a standard probe, which indicates the actual radiance temperature

  • The Model 360 can eliminate the need for expensive and cumbersome temperature chambers or other special provisions to achieve these cold backgrounds.

  •  A re-circulating refrigerated bath cools the blackbody to approximately the desired temperature, and then a sophisticated electronic control system and an array of thermoelectric coolers control the blackbody surface precisely at the set point.

  • The Model 360 includes all of the components needed for operation: blackbody, refrigerated bath, temperature controller, cables, and hoses. Operation of the system is straightforward, and maintenance is minimal.

  • The Model 360 is a low cost, easy-to-use solution for applications requiring a low temperature blackbody source.

  • Rapid warm-up and cool-down temperature that able to be stabilized within 10 minute.





Temp. range -40 ~ +150


Temp. control Digital control & display (Microprocessor PID)


Display resolution LED display 0.001


Stability ±0.05


Emissivity > 0.96


Heat-up time 10 min


Black body Target Diameter 42mm (Customization available)


Ambient operating range 15~30 (Air-conditioned environment)



5 Amp @110 VAC ±10% or 1Amp @ 240VAC ±10%, 50/60 Hz


Interface RS485 port available (Optional)

Temperature control Rapid warm-up and cool-down (15 min., from ambient) to 100°C )


Calibration port Includes calibration port for temperature monitors


Anti frost device special anti-frost design avoid testing under low temperatures.


Pre cooling system -20~100°C 8L/Per min



Black body Target


Net Weight 1.8kg

Temp. Controller

165x265x300 mm

Net Weight 4.5kg

Pre cooling


Net Weight 28kg

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