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Infrared Tympanic Thermometer

Calibration Blackbody  MODEL:3301






Ear / forehead thermometer can be verified and calibrated from Model 3301. It offers the precise and stabilized temperature reference that allows the lab / manufacturer performs the service of temperature calibration. Model 3301 is specially design to follows with ASTM standard. Internal blackbody structure was uniquely designed to generates high infrared emissivity with the temperature stability of ±0.03°C @ 37°C, Stable and constant temperature is guaranteed; moreover, it can be re-tune to get the best control if it is under the diversity ambient temperature.


  • Unique design for non-contact infrared ear thermometer calibration.

  •   Intuitive operation, no special training requires.

  • For Hospital, Biomedical department, nursing station, factory, distributor or any situation needs to verify the preciseness of ear thermometer.

  • Precise temperature control with high stability.

  •  Ready to use in 15 minutes.

  • Small in size, lightweight and easy to carry.



Temperature Range

35°C to 45°C

Temperature Control

Microprocessor PID control (Temp. sensor: PT-100)

Display resolution 0.01℃


±0.03°C @ 37°C

Heat-up Time

15 minutes minimum

Ambient Temp. range

15°C – 25°C (Air-conditioned environment)
Ambient Operating stability ±1℃
Power 1Amp @ AC 100~240 VAC ± 10%50/60 Hz


Target Size

10mm (Customization available)


W185 x D150 x H98mm



2.1  kgs











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