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700 Series Orbital Shaker Incubator

For growing cultures of micro organisms and tissue cells under precisely controlled conditions of temperatures and agitations, the orbiting motion shaking provides good transfer of oxygen to the culture and avoids undue buffeting of organisms and cells.
Different choice of heated, refrigerated and illuminated models with applications in biological and botanical studies where photosynthesis plays a part in growth cycle of biological, biochemistry, botany, botanical, immunology, microbiology, virology and zoology.


  • Microprocessor PID control, ensure set temperature is achieve quickly and accurately.

  • Forced air circulation for temperature uniformity.

  • See through viewing window.

  • Large capacity.

  • LED display both the set and actual temperature to 0.1℃.

  • Triple counterbalance drive system for long life operation.

  • Quiet, smooth, stable, low noise shaking working at 12.5/20/25.4/38/70mm circular orbit.

  • Maintenance free brushless motor.

  • Electronic speed control from 20 to 400rpm.

  • Speed slow start to avoid spillage.

  • Shaker shut off when lid is opened.

  • Stainless steel SUS 304 chamber.

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